A 48/46 translation blog that gets updated when I feel like it


Tons of 48-related stuff in Japanese are being published every day.  However only the most important news about the more popular members are being translated into English.  The English-speaking fandom is missing out on a lot – news about non-senbatsu members, interviews in magazines, g+ updates, and most importantly, discussions/memes on 2ch.

This blog (and also my twitter account @bilingual48) is dedicated to translating some of those things.  Time-sensitive news and announcements (like graduation) will most likely be posted on twitter, and this will be used for longer pieces, ongoing translation series, or opinion posts.

I am MD (minna daisuki), but I pay special attention to Kikuchi Ayaka (Team A), Kawaei Rina (Team A), Aigasa Moe (KKS), Kojima Mako (KKS), Mukaida Manatsu (Team KII), Takayanagi Akane (Team KII), Jonishi Kei (Team N), Matsuoka Natsumi (Team H), Moriyasu Madoka (Team H), and Wakatabe Haruka (Team H).

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