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Kodama Haruka Discusses Being on Two Teams


Here is a short piece on Kodama Haruka discussing her Team H / Team A arrangement…


Kodama Haruka (16) of HKT48, an idol group in Fukuoka, has been selected for a concurrent position in AKB48’s Team A.  She is very excited by the arrangement and says “it’s an opportunity to learn how to be more professional from the senior members.”

The arrangement was announced during the AKB group concert in Tokyo, which took place at Budokan in April.  “Am I qualified for this?”  She cried tears of doubt on stage after the announcement.

She went on a field trip to Tokyo in early May, to see a Team A performance.  She was blown away by the popular member Watanabe Mayu, who commanded the stage with a large presence.  “[The performance] was not just attention-grabbing, it also showed each member’s distinctive personality.”

She is the center for HKT’s Team H, and her performance is consistently praised.  But since the arrangement was announced, she has gone back to basic training to improve her stamina and dances.

“The performances will not be satisfactory if I don’t have a solid foundation.  I probably will get second-row or wing positions in Team A.  So I have to prepare myself in order to shine wherever I am assigned to.”

She is ranked 24th in the preliminary results of Senbatsu Election, where the votes are casted by fans of AKB.  “With all the fans behind me, I want to be able to bring positive aspects to Team A, and what I learned from Team A, I will definitely bring back to HKT.”


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