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The Future of “Three Musketeers”

Original article is titled “The Future of Kojima Mako, Nishino Miki and Okada Nana, as seen from New Team 4’s ‘Te wo Tsunaginagara'”

(this article is clearly biased towards The New Team 4, which I am totally ok with)

The “Te wo Tsunaginagara” stage, which was the first original stage of Team S and was also performed by KII and HKT48, is being performed again by the New Team 4.

The New Team 4 was created in AKB48’s Tokyo Dome concerts in August, with Minegishi Minami as captain and the current KKS as members.

This Team 4 is getting a lot of attention because of the 3 next-generation aces, also known as “The Three Musketeers”, Kojima Mako, Nishino Miki, and Okada Nana, are in it, and to many fans, this stage is a huge event.  It started with everyone performing “Bokura no Uta”.  After the 3 more songs performed by all the members, the show moved on to the much-anticipated unit songs.  These unit songs are important, because the attention is all on the centers, which many fans consider as an indication of future stars within the 48 franchise.

The highly anticipated unit songs started with “Glory Days”.  Nishino Miki was center for this song.  Her dynamic dance left quite an impression and demonstrated what The Three Musketeers is all about.  Prior to the performance, many have guessed that maybe Nishino would be center for “Wimbleon e Tsureteitte”, which is a very idol-like song.  The fans were “pleasantly betrayed” by the choice, though.  And then it was revealed that the center for Wimbledon was Kojima Mako.  The choice was without a doubt most appropriate for Kojimako, as the song complemented her “idol-ness”

Okada Nana, the last of The Three Musketeers, took over Matsui Rena’s center position in “Ame no Pianist”.  This is a more mature song, which fit Okada very well.  With the future of AKB on their shoulders and these songs representing their respective personalities, the audience was able to get a glimpse of their dynamics and rivalries, as well as what the franchise might look like in the future.

The performance lasted about 2 hours, with The Three Musketeers and the other members leaving a huge impression on the audience.  It was an excellent performance that showed “freshness”, which is not really seen in the rest of the teams in the franchise, and really grabbed the attention of fans that were expecting it.  While it is still a very young team, Minegishi as captain keeps a delicate balance by keeping her distance yet supporting the team diligently.  It is not overreaching to say that the newly created Team 4 is a “next-generation” team that captures lots of attention.

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