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Bilingual48 Soft Subs: Hey!Hey!Hey! 130701 AKB48 Talk Segment


I watched the entire AKB48 segment of the HEY!HEY!HEY! episode on July 1st and decided to translate the talk portion of it.


You can find the original torrent of the episode on Hello!Online, the length of the clip is 22 minutes 36 seconds (however, only the first 10 minutes or so are translated).

The subtitle file can be downloaded from my website or from my dropbox.


Translated by me and proofread/timed by Maliciel of @JaMTrans.

A note on translation quality – while my text translations are for full articles, I don’t look at subs the same way.  In a variety show there are simply too many meaningless/background chatter and those are not translated to save time and to reduce the text on screen.  I also try to be concise but I do try to get the meaning across.  Think of my translation as something between @ProjectSUB48 and @halfassedsubs.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the subtitles.  For positive feedback please find me on twitter.  For negative feedback please talk to @JaMTrans – after all, they edited it 😛

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