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Fan Commentary: Does Sashihara not deserve to be Center?

This was written by a Hong Kong fan on the day after Senbatsu Election, and I thought it was a very sensible post on all the anti-Sashihara sentiment after the results were announced.

Original Chinese post:

I’m sure most of you already know the results from the 5th AKB48 Election.

The results were surprising and many antis spoke up in real-time to vent their frustration that Sashihara took 1st place, that they will boycott the 32nd single, and in some extreme cases, quit the fandom altogether…

So just quit, please…

The rules of this game were known facts since the single went on sale and each single came with a voting ticket.

But still the complaints piled up – “it’s not fair that all of her fans are rich”, “it’s not fair that the mayor of Oita is clearly a Sashihara fan”.  I think Sashihara worked hard to get the mayor to support her in the first place.  Other members could have done the same and got mayors of other cities to root for them, no?  So calling this “not fair” is kind of pointless.

Then they went on about how Sashihara “does not deserve to be Center”.  So who deserves it?

Is this position limited to members of 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation?

If, in the future, Sae can get all of the Shanghai fans, or even all the fans in China to support her to win Center position, I am sure many will oppose that as well.

Some others say, “this is supposed to be a ‘changing of the guards’, but Sashihara is not a ‘next-generation member’!”  I am equally sure that there will be just as many opposing Paruru as center.

In other words, according to many of these so-called “fans”, only “Kami 7” members like Oshima Yuko and Watanabe Mayu can be the center of AKB48.

Some say, the “Kami 7” was finally “broken” in this year’s election.  Technically speaking, “Kami 7” only refers to the 7 members who took the top 7 in the first and second elections.  So Kami 7 was already broken when Kashiwagi Yuki took 3rd place.

Moreover, it’s moot to say that “it’s ridiculous for an AKB48 single to have a non-AKB48 center”, because Matsui Jurina of SKE48 was center for Oogoe Diamond, an AKB48 single.  I mean, if they are getting all the groups to participate, then they probably have thought of this scenario, right?  So who’s more ridiculous now?

As for her scandal – is it not acceptable that she was not fired/asked to leave because she is Sashihara?  Frankly speaking, AkiP probably would have done the same if it was any of the top members, he probably would not ask any of them to leave the group.

Now if you compare this with Minegishi’s treatment, some are still calling it unfair because Sashihara gets to act like a Queen in HKT48 while Minegishi was demoted to KKS level…

However, candidly speaking, Minegishi is still in AKB48 even after head-shaving and her demotion, and she probably will be promoted back to a regular member at some point in the future.  But when Sashihara was transferred to HKT48, no one could have predicted that she would thrive.  In fact, many thought the management only wanted to bring attention to HKT48 by doing this, and probably would have dumped Sashihara afterwards.

Sashihara’s success in HKT48 might have been initiated by the management, but one can see that the HKT members really trusted and respected her, and this shows that her hard work did pay off!

During the stream, apparently many people got really worked up by the results and started trash-talking, even stepping on photos of Sashihara.  While these “fans” are venting, the expressions of members on my screen went from shocked to amused, and started laughing because they thought the result was very entertaining.  The tension and the sadness were all gone.

I really believe that members thought the outcome was fun and they were happy about it.

Sashihara asked Yuko for help during her speech.  Yuko said, “don’t worry, Mayu and I will be by your side and help you out.”  And Mayu also gestured her support towards Sashihara.

“You have everyone at your back, we’re all supporting you.”  AKB48 has not changed.

Since the very beginning, AKB48 has not been predictable.  But when did people start taking it for granted?  Yuko should always be center?  Kami 7 should always be the same?

From what I’ve seen, nothing has changed. Members that support and cherish each other, this is the AKB48 we’ve been cheering for, isn’t it?

At the end of the stream, the throne was empty…

When asked about this during an interview, Sashihara said, “I forgot to sit on it…”

Well, that’s just Sashihara being her “hetare” self, right?


One thought on “Fan Commentary: Does Sashihara not deserve to be Center?

  • kami07 says:

    I understand that some of the fans think that election was rigged because they also have their own oshimen. and going to a stray path than the usual Kami-7 line-up on the election was hard for them since these are the members they admired and supported for so long. the 1st-3rd Gen are the members who made AKB48 into where it is now. so don’t forget it. though not all Kami-7 are my oshimen. it’s the respect and admiration that made want them to still be on top.

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