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The Future of “Three Musketeers”

Original article is titled “The Future of Kojima Mako, Nishino Miki and Okada Nana, as seen from New Team 4’s ‘Te wo Tsunaginagara’” (this article is clearly biased towards The New Team 4, which I am totally ok with) The “Te wo Tsunaginagara” stage, which was the first original stage of Team S and […]

Translation of Kaisoku to Doutaishiryoku Lyrics

(note: “Kaisoku” here refers to a type of train that skips smaller stations on its route to save time, while a “normal” train stops at every station) “Kaisoku Train and Dynamic Vision” the kaisoku train does not stop my unrequited love passes through from the window of the train, hey look for a split second, […]


SKE48 13th Single Tracklists

Covers are here Type A Sansei Kawaii (Senbatsu) Kokode Ippatsu (Dasu & Tsu-Ma) Michi wa Naze Tsuzukunoka (Aichi Toyota Senbatsu) Zutto Zutto Saki no Kyou (Selection 18)   Type B Sansei Kawaii (Senbatsu) Itsunomanika, Yowaimoniijime (Selection 8) Michi wa Naze Tsuzukunoka (Aichi Toyota Senbatsu) Zutto Zutto Saki no Kyou (Selection 18)   Type C […]

AKB Group Draft as reported by Nikkan Sports

Original: The Kyocera Dome performances of AKB48 Group ended on the 8th, with the announcement of an audition event called “Draft Conference” at Grand Prince New Takanawa on November 10th. According to the management, an open call for sign-ups will start in September.  The pool of candidates will go through multiple evaluation rounds, and the […]

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Bilingual48 Soft Subs: Hey!Hey!Hey! 130701 AKB48 Talk Segment

What: I watched the entire AKB48 segment of the HEY!HEY!HEY! episode on July 1st and decided to translate the talk portion of it. Where: You can find the original torrent of the episode on Hello!Online, the length of the clip is 22 minutes 36 seconds (however, only the first 10 minutes or so are translated). […]

Fan Commentary: Does Sashihara not deserve to be Center?

This was written by a Hong Kong fan on the day after Senbatsu Election, and I thought it was a very sensible post on all the anti-Sashihara sentiment after the results were announced. Original Chinese post:


Thoughts on 32nd Senbatsu Election

What a night!  While a changing of the guards did not exactly happen, there were a lot of remarkable things. First and foremost observation was that out of 64 places, AKB48 members only took 30.  The other 34 went to 1 ex-member (Hirajima Natsumi at 62nd place) and 33 members of sister groups.  I couldn’t […]

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Role of the Choreographer

As idol groups become more popular, the importance of choreographers, who compose dance moves to match the music, is also on the rise.  Different groups have different approaches – AKB48 employs different choreographers for each single, Momoiro Clover Z uses the same choreographer even for concerts, and so on.  Here we will talk about how […]


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